What is the Purpose of Creation?

Why did God Create the Universe?

Why was the universe created? What’s the purpose of the cycle s of death and life? What is the purpose of creation? Has these kinda questions been niggly at you as well?

From a TPT understanding, the answer is quite simple, and yet extremely complicated. If God is pure consciousness, this infinite void of limitless potential, why create the dream? What is the need to create a reality that reflects the ultimate truth anyways? Was God just bored?

God, who is pure consciousness wants to be self aware! God that is pure consciousness wants to be aware of being pure consciousness. Contradiction right! It’s like when you dream, who is the one witnessing the dream? You are! Right! Your Consciousness, Your Soul! And the characters in the dream? Who are they? Do you wake up and smack your partner and say,  ” Why the hell were you talking to that woman (man) in my dream?” or if a Tiger is chasing you in the dream and you’re running for your dear life, where did the Tiger come from and why is it chasing you in the first place? Because the dream stems from your own mind, it’s suffice to say that the characters in your dream are off your own consciousness. But because we lack Self Awareness, the one who is watching the dream is not aware that it is all the characters in the dream and in fact, it is the entire dream. Such is the journey of your Soul, striving to realise that it is the entire consciousness that it perceives. And the same as reflected from the higher, where God has the ultimate desire of wanting to become self aware.

“And so God sees itself reflected in the universe that it created, expressed, as the different levels of creation. (Read more in The Perennial Truth – Awakening of the Soul). Initially, this consciousness becomes identified with the protagonist in this dream.

In Western philosophy and Western psychology, we judge intelligence on whether you can be self aware. So, they would put a mirror in front of a primate and ask the question, can this primate see that it is itself, in the mirror? Can it recognise that it seeing a reflection of itself in the mirror that is it, it’s not another primate. This reflection that it sees, is itself.

And this is what happens to consciousness as it awakens initially. It’s not even aware of its own reflection. So the Tiger staring into the mirror thinks there’s another tiger. And the tiger has the biggest brain of all the cats. Yet, it is not capable of self recognition or self awareness. Then you get to primates and one or two dolphins who have been able to recognise themselves in a mirror. But here’s the thing, consciousness thinks it is this entity being projected by the mind.

Consciousness thinks it’s this body. Consciousness thinks it’s this mind. Consciousness thinks it’s this heart. And because it identifies with the manifested embodiment, it is not self aware. So even though consciousness, as a homosapien, can recognise its own reflection in the mirror, what it hasn’t realised, is that it is pure consciousness itself. Just like the dream!

So the journey of awakening of the soul is the realisation of becoming consciously aware that,  I am the void! I am the space in which the world appearance arises. And I am a space in which this mortal entity, that I thought I was, exists. As long as you think you’re the mortal entity, your consciousness has not yet become self aware.

Once your consciousness becomes self aware, you become enlightened. And you’re no longer identified with physical, mental or emotional embodiment. You no longer think of you through worldly identification, you know yourself as consciousness.

So why manifest a creation? So that consciousness can realise, that it is in fact, consciousness, so that consciousness itself, can become self aware. And when consciousness itself becomes self aware across the universe, the universe implodes. And it’s the end of the universe. Because the dreamer wakes up, and the dream disappears. And this universe you think you are in, is just a dream, it is a means towards pure consciousness becoming self aware.

So then the question arises, has that ever happened? Has the universe ever imploded? The universe has existed many, many times before. So, Yes! The universe has imploded many times before.

And why does it keep going on, if it has imploded so many times before? Why do we keep happening? Well, it’s the principle of Cause and Effect (Karma) that has kept the Wheel of Time or Wheel of Samsara never ending! It’s the same fabric of the universe that is created every time, just by a new consciousness. Over time, there has been more than one complete consciousness.

And so another question begs understanding, if this is a never-ending story, why even bother? Then, everything that we’re doing is just a waste of effort. It’s actually a waste of time, we might as well just live our life to the best of our ability? Happy and full of mundane enjoyment without higher purpose or meaning and keep repeating the cycle of death and life? Right?

Well, here’s where things get complicated! Everything that you do is geared towards your consciousness becoming self aware. This Wheel of Time, is like a vicious cycle, that keeps you doing this over and over again. It’s like Groundhog Day to the universe. It’s never the same part of consciousness because there are an infinite number of variations. Because of the principle law of cause and effect (karma) many fragments of consciousness has been created in the process (and you are one of them). And you have your own wheel of time to work through.

If one person becomes enlightened, if that fragment of consciousness has become self aware, that particular fragment of self consciousness does not fall asleep again.  But it doesn’t mean that, if that fragment of consciousness is awakened, that all of consciousness has awaken. And so the journey continues its endless cycle and only the few self aware inspire the rest with the truth.

Coming back to the question : What is the purpose of creation? Well this is up to you! You can walk the path of ignorance and go about your Groundhog Day spending 99.9% of your time serving the desires of your archetypes or you can choose the path of enlightenment and make 99.9% of your efforts on serving Divine Consciousness and using your life’s experiences for the Awakening of Your Soul from this dream reality. The choice is yours entirely! And whatever you choose is right for you, for your void of consciousness!

Excerpt from The Voice of MahaAvatar Babaji, on of the very first Enlightened Masters :

The original cause of suffering is ignorance. When that is dispelled, the succeeding links of the chain snap and one attains freedom from sorrow. This state is called nirvana. The term means coolness and rest and cessation of the flux of being. It signifies deliverance and freedom from birth, vimukti. Incidentally, it may be stated that the two extremes are there, which the recluse must avoid, the life of passion and of sensuality on the one hand, a low and pagan way, ignoble and profiting nothing, and on the other hand self-torture, which is also ignoble and unprofitable, as well as very painful. But there is a way out of it all through right faith, right action, right living, right effort, right thought and right concentration.

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