Knowing the truth is not enough

Only when you can apply it does it become part of your understanding. Explore our publications, courses and services and start your journey towards a fulfilled and meaningful life in serving the awakening of consciousness. Happiness is a by-product of meaning. The Perennial Truth fosters understanding and creates clarity of the meaning and purpose of your life and this fosters a state of bliss and happiness that is not conditional to your external circumstances.

The Perennial Truth offers this metaphysical understanding and integration of the un-manifested with the manifested for the individuals journey towards acceptance. The objective : To what degree can I live in harmony with the world, I perceive. Ultimately, spiritually, one wants to create a state of union between the individual ego, the subjective observer, and the world that is being observed. And the spiritual journey is all about creating a union between the seemingly separateness aspects of consciousness.

The TPT Foundation has one core mission : to resurrect the truth of man in the image of God. This can only be achieved through Self Awareness. The main practice at the Foundation is that of Self Observation and Self Reflection. We tend to move through life constantly blaming others, blaming past events, blaming God! When we realise that everything that is happening to us is off our own thinking and feeling, only then is transformation possible, only then is self awareness a possibility. So what is it that we are observing and what is it that we are reflecting upon?

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