Gods and the Forces of Creation

The only way to connect to the Supreme God is through your soul.

In monotheism, this highest God is regarded as the Supreme Being and the principal object of worship. This Supreme Being of existence is also regarded as omnibenevolent, giving us a creation in which everything serves the greater good.

The Supreme Being is experienced in the world as the cognitive awareness of all. The witness in you. You could say that the awareness in you is the presence of this Supreme Being. That the whole creation and all its levels are nothing but the creative expression of this Supreme Being. You evoke this Supreme Being in your world when you choose to apply your awareness to any moment.

At the moment of creation of the universe, this Supreme Being divided into the three forces of the Trinity. The Christian Trinity is a personification of these three forces of the Supreme Being. These forces exist at the highest level of duality and therefore include gender. They are known as Father, Son and Holy Spirit (Mother). 

It is fair to state that the Holy Spirit is feminine, considering that father, mother, and child are the cosmic trinity of nature.

Through your soul, you can connect to all souls and access the experience of all. And deeper still, you can connect to the source of all, pure consciousness.

I would like to ask again: Who is the God or force you call on the most? When you pray, whom do you pray to? Who is God to you?

With the correct training, you will be able to evoke the forces of creation to help you on your journey toward awakening. In the Transformation section we cover the use of mantra and sincere prayer to achieve this. There are twenty-four mantras that can be used to overcome the obstacles of life. We discuss these in later chapters.

Extract from The Perennial Truth | Chapter 30

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