Awakening Consciousness

Consciousness relates to your awareness. When you’re aware of something, or when you’re made aware of something, it is brought into your consciousness. Wherever you are sitting right now become aware of the birds singing or the noise in the room. See a moment ago, you may not have been consciously aware of the bird singing, but the moment I say to you become aware of the bird singing or the noise, then the singing of the birds and/or noise is brought from my unconscious awareness into my conscious awareness.

So, if I’m sitting in a dark room, and I have a torch, small torch, then that light of the torch is the light of my consciousness. I bring into awareness, wherever I shine the light of the torch. But the whole room represents the totality of my consciousness.  Are you getting this?

Where the light shines, is the conscious part of my consciousness, and where the darkness is, is the unconscious part of my consciousness.

So even when I’m not consciously aware of the sounds, of the dimensions of the present moment, that are in the present moment, being perceived by the senses, they may not be part of my conscious awareness.

My ears are hearing the birds, but I’m not paying attention to it. My eyes can see the trees, but I’m not consciously aware of the trees. The mind perceives through the senses, as part of the totality of consciousness, but may not be consciously aware of it. I might be walking down the path, full of thought, and not being aware of the trees and yet my eyes are seeing them. But I’m not consciously aware of them.

So we would then say that, that sensory perception is within the domain of your unconscious mind. And whatever I bring to my own attention, to my own awareness is the conscious part of the mind. The unconscious aspect of our consciousness also includes those inner workings that we’re not aware of. We may have certain patterns of thinking, some patterns of feeling, some habits that we not aware of, then we will say the habit is unconscious. The feelings are unconscious. Feelings are often described as an unconscious aspect of our existence because we’re not consciously aware of this undercurrent of feelings that we have all the time.

So there’s consciousness and there’s the little light, which is the conscious part of consciousness, and then there’s the darkness, that which I’m not aware of which would be described as the unconscious part of my consciousness. Getting this?

And then there’s the subconscious. The subconscious is mostly also unconscious. It is the etheric layer, the systems, that manages our breathing, our digestive system, our heart beating, all subconscious activities. Our mind is not aware of the breathing or the the mechanics of breathing or the mechanics of digesting or instinct, instinct can be described as a subconscious function.

So, all the operations of your body can be considered subconscious, below the conscious mind. We’re not aware of it. And the same is true for habits. When I teach my body how to drive a car, that ability to drive the car is stored at the etheric level, which is also known as the subconscious level. All your acquired skills are stored at the subconscious level, how to ride a bicycle, how to walk, how to run, how to jump, all these things you had to learn in the physical domain, are stored at the subconscious. So all these different levels are permeated or contain by consciousness, the consciousness of your soul where everything arises in it and disappears from it.


The Journey of Awakening

So the journey of awakening consciousness is just that a journey! One cannot move from an unconscious state full of habit and conditioning without deep understanding of who one is, what one is and where one is. The Perennial Truth Foundation has a 3-Fold approach to this journey of awakening consciousness – Self Awareness | Self Observation and Self Awakening. We offer an integrated Tantric approach through working with the senses and our experience of life for the awakening of consciousness. That is expanding our awareness so that the light shines within more of our void of consciousness rather than just one pointed, only where the torch shines it’s light.

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