The Integrated Self!

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Your autonomous nervous system is seated in the peripheral nervous system. So it’s not really ‘in the’ brain. From the brainstem, at the back of the neck, it stretches down the spine and then into all your limbs. So, what we call the sympathetic, which is part of the autonomous nervous system, the sympathetic and the┬áparasympathetic nervous system, control all your bodily functions. So, so, your autonomous nervous system is made up of three, that the sympathetic, the parasympathetic, and the intrinsic. And the intrinsic controls your digestive system. And the sympathetic and the parasympathetic control, your organs, your breathing, you’re beating of your heart. So, you could say that the support to the subconscious mind that the support to the authentic the hardware of the authentic is not so much in the brain itself. It’s actually in the peripheral nervous system, it’s in your spine


or, or it corresponds with your spine and reaches out into the limbs. Right. And then, as you go up into the brain, and you have the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere.


And and the left hemisphere controls the actions, the movements, the


conscious movements of the right hand side of the body and the right hand


side brain controls the movements and the sensors in the left hand side of the body. So, you see this polarity this, this, this receptive and assertive polarity right throughout the nervous system. From from the sympathetic and the parasympathetic to the left brain, right brain functions, which in turn support as hardware in the brain support the mind, the intellect and emotion. So what this shows is even even the hardware of the brain and the peripheral nervous system had this duality. And experience this vacillation of duality, from left to right from right to left from assertive to receptive, receptive to research. And it’s like a pulse.


Right through art, the physical structure of the nervous system which in turn supports the vacillation within the intellect between past and future past and future, past and future. So you have this pulse. At the physical level, this vacillation between male and female. And this stretches right up into the actual mind in terms of what you’re perceiving as the world stretches right into the intellect in terms of how you’re interpreting the world, and stretches right up into emotion, in terms of how you feel about the world, that you perceive and then into the ego in terms of your self identity. So your self identity is continuously vacillating


between an assertive or receptive perspective male and female perspective so I’m in the one side and then I’m on the other side. One moment I’m receptive and other moments on the circuit.


One moment I’m analytical, and another moment I’m creative, creative requires an expansion of the mind. Analytical requires a concentration of focus of the mind. But we never we seldom need ever done both at the same time.


So very seldomly are we in a state of being where the assertive and the receptive are together in the present moment where the sympathetic and the parasympathetic are present in the same presence. So, what Mark colour does that the way that mark colour works as a technology is it brings these two polarities together in the present moment.


So, last one, to be completely fully in the present moment. So, both faculties are there, my intellect, and my emotion as the body doesn’t have a choice, but he has to be in the present moment. But you will find that emotion will vacillate between the past and the future. Your feelings about the past and your feelings about the future. And same with intellect. You have ideas about the past, or memories about the past, and you have imaginations about the future. So within you, you’re constantly vacillating between these two, you’re vacillating emotionally. You’re vacillating. intellectually, you’re vacillating between concentration and relaxation, and relaxation. mindfully you vacillating within your body. As the heart contracts, and expands contracts and expands as your lungs expand and contract, expand and contract when you’re breathing. You’re vacillating between these two extremes. So right from a physical level through to a mental level three to an emotional level, you have this vacillation that happens, you’re never fully in the present moment. You’re either in the one or the other, or the other, or the one. And now the question is, is can I bring all of me, my left side and my right side,


my male and my female cannot bring both of those into the present mode can both be present because when you’re both present, you enter an integrated state of being.


And that requires an integrated state of being to connect to something that’s higher and in integrated state of existence. So in other words, integrating with the existence around it takes an all inclusive state of being to integrate with the all inclusive reality that you find yourself with them. And the basic underlying technology that allows us to evoke this inclusive state of being inclusive state of awareness, inclusive state of feeling is the marker. The marker that allows us gives us a technology to create or to enter to evoke this state of being.


So if you just if you’re practising macula just for a few minutes let’s say five times a day so five times a day just for a few minutes for five minutes


you’re practising Mark Allah Viet in the workplace theatre at home, be it a nature


Be it when you wake up in the morning Viet when you go to sleep tonight it creates an integration within your state of being. And then all of a sudden, a fundamental shift takes place. When you when you enter one half, you’re constantly searching for the other half in the world.


So I’m constantly seeking the opposite in the world. That’s my mechanical integration with the work world. I’m in one half of me, I’m in female, a Sikh male in the world. I’m in male I seek female in the world. But when you apply MonteCarlo, and you create that integration within So


in other words, your female and your male within or even at the biological level meet. Instead of missing each other, like day and night keeps missing each other. It’s night and it’s night and the only moments when they are simultaneously present


is at dawn and dusk. If you notice how high the energy is, at those two times,


so in the same manner if you practising Mar College, just four or five times a day, you’re creating an integration, your female within is finding your male within.


And in that integration, that inner integration, you find yourself for you if you find yourself complete. The need to rush out into the world to find the opposite of


what I am, which keeps escalating. This conquered. You become complete as an entity and you step beyond the mechanical function then nullity of homosapien


you become master of the polarity. You can evoke the integrated state, also known as the state of flow. So all you need to do as a practitioner is to practice the mark Allah five times a day, just for five minutes. And you find that your entire life changes your entire life perspective changes. The way you perceive the world changes the way you perceive yourself changes


because you start viewing yourself and the world from an integrated perspective. So you’re almost going to the opposite state of being bipolar. If you’re bipolar, you find yourself swinging between the extremes. You find yourself in extreme moments of emotion or extreme moments of, of mental conditioning. But when you’re in an integrated state, something in you something that comes from the conscious union of male and female within you brings to life a new entity from that union, which is a conscious union and not an unconscious Union.


The new you the new you the integrated you The you that’s beyond duality is awakened. So the whole technology of colour is firstly to create an integration within you. And secondly, to great create an integration between this integrated view and the integrated whole integrated reality you find yourself within. So just practising mark all out five times a day will bring about a fundamental shift not only of your own sense of being complete, but your perception of the reality you find yourself within.


And then many secrets are revealed to you that you weren’t aware of before then the journey truly begins. And it’s not some theory, it’s not that you’re studying something


it’s not that you’re learning a new habit or new conditioning. It’s that a new you is established the integrated version of you. And this integrated version of you can only be created consciously all the unconscious and all the subconscious functions that you perform from the one side of polarity or the other side of polarity


remain one sided, for that is the nature. But in practising MonteCarlo, regularly five times a day, just for five minutes.


An integrated you is born, an integrated you is established, you will see when you do the mark Allah and you become simultaneously aware of two hands at the same time, two objects in the visual realm at the same time, both polarities of the physical world, both polarities of your brain of your nervous system are engaged at the same


time. And this integrated disintegration at the level of the nervous system, this conscious integration with the level of the nervous system evokes


an integrated state of mind evokes an integrated state of emotion. An integrated state of intelligence which is not mechanically available. It has to be evoked consciously, you have to choose it. Now that we say wisdom requires both perspectives that have the antagonist and that of the hero. When you’re a judge, you need to understand both the accused and the accuser. And you need to find the balance between the two. So this integrated state of consciousness, which you establish in yourself through Mark Allah, as call it a supreme habit, then leads to the establishment of the Supreme you and the supreme you just naturally creates without outside of it.


The Supreme reality it perceives a supreme reality. It’s equally with the victim and the perpetrator. It’s equally between what is gained and what is lost. And then a new you emerges. That is unbiased, that’s no longer subjective. That’s no longer in the one polarity or the other. That’s no longer polarised.


We’ve seen tremendous polarisation in society today. The left versus the right the democrats versus the Republicans. It’s an the very integration, that unity is great. But that integration, the Unity happens within you first. If you’re not integrated within, it will be impossible for you to create integration on the outside it all begins with you. So if you truly want to change your life, if you truly want to change your state of consciousness, your steady being


practice Mark Allah five times a day and it will happen of its own accord. You are with that? You establishing the new view, the integrated view that’s beyond this vacillation of the polar opposites. This vacillation that permeates all the lower realms of existence, your own body, your own nervous system, your own brain.


So you move beyond the mechanical functioning of homosapien to a conscious state of integrated being Firstly, within and secondly, with a reality you find yourself within. So that’s my message to all students of marcola you practice ma Carla diligently five times a day and I promise you, you will become the person you’ve always wanted to be. And that person you’ve always wanted to be. will create will establish around it a reality that it’s always wanted to experience

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